Rotella's Italian Bakery

At, Rotella’s Italian Bakery, Inc., we take pride in the ability to produce specialty items.  It is certainly a distinct privilege and honor to have the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s finest personnel in the restaurant and food industry.

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Products we offer from Rotella's Italian Bakery

Item #BrandPackSizeDescriptionLinkGet Info?
482543ROTELLA 6 8 CT BUN KAISER SEEDED SLICED 4" S/O Nutrition Facts
482461ROTELLA 48 2.8 OZ BUN KAISER SEEDED SLICED 4.5" Nutrition Facts
208093ROTELLA 48 2.6 OZ BUN KAISER YELLOW SLICED 4" Nutrition Facts
208111ROTELLA 60 1.99 OZ BUN POTATO 4" GOURMET S/O Nutrition Facts
208110ROTELLA 48 3.1 OZ BUN POTATO ROSETTE SLICED 4.25" Nutrition Facts
216733ROTELLA 108 1.33 OZ BUN SLIDER 3" SWEET ROUND Nutrition Facts
216749ROTELLA 108 1.5 OZ BUN SLIDER BRIOCHE 3" Nutrition Facts
216726ROTELLA 108 1.5 OZ BUN SLIDER SPLIT TOP 3" SQUARE Nutrition Facts
216737ROTELLA 48 2.8 OZ BUN SOURDOUGH SPLIT TOP 4" Nutrition Facts
700773ROTELLA 72 3.7 OZ BUN SQUARE SWEET 4" Nutrition Facts
208089ROTELLA 72 3.76 OZ BUN SWEET*JALAPENO SQUARE 4" Nutrition Facts
482452ROTELLA 144 1.9 OZ ROLL NE LOBSTER ROLL (HOT DOG BUN) S/O Nutrition Facts

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