Who We Serve



Food is our specialty.  Whether it’s simple or complex foodservice menu items, beverage service, smallwares, heavy equipment, disposables or chemicals; SGC Foodservice provides everything an operator needs.

Not only do we deliver outstanding products, but our seasoned foodservice professionals stay on top of the latest menu trends to surpass expectations.

If you prepare it, we provide it.

"SGC Foodservice sells me great fresh ingredients that help us cook great food from scratch. When I can put a smile on my customer’s face because of it... I am ready to come back for more." - Valued SGC Customer

Hospitality & Entertainment

At SGC we cater to lodging & hospitality, resorts, theme parks, kiosks and much more.  

Servicing a diverse array of foodservice channels means whether simple or complex menu items, the latest technology, or having the flexibility to think outside the box to provide novel solutions, SGC Foodservice can and will go the extra mile.


"They have always been reliable on pricing, deliveries and overall customer service, they strive to be the best in their field and deliver a superior product, compared to others in the business." - Valued SGC Customer


SGC Foodservice has the capability to ensure your healthcare operation’s success by providing an extensive specialized product line, healthcare specific value-added programs and superior customer service.  We cater our Healthcare Services to all types of facilities, including Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, and Acute Care Facilities.  No matter the segment need, SGC Foodservice can provide the solution.

In addition to our line of healthcare products to fulfill dietary and supplemental needs, we also have a diverse selection of disposables, chemicals and equipment.  Our educated healthcare professionals are ready to partner with healthcare operators and are dedicated to providing product solutions to meet the challenging needs of any healthcare facility.



Convenience Stores

From the roller grill to coffee stations, SGC has what is needed to generate the sales that keep convenience store operators in the foodservice business.

With a robust and complete array of products for the convenience store segment, SGC Foodservice is able to provide solutions to all your needs. Providing the latest technology and having the flexibility to think outside the box, ensures SGC can assist our convenience store partners to be competitive in the foodservice aspects of their business.

"Your Customer Service! No matter what I need, SGC has always been able to help. I am so glad the there are still companies like SGC, that put the customer first." - Valued SGC Customer

SINCE 1865

Business and Industry

At SGC Foodservice we supply companies all of the products required to service their staff’s foodservice needs.
From menu items to the heavy equipment needed in company cafeterias, our diverse array of foodservice channels means whether simple or complex, we have the flexibility to provide unique solutions in any operation.

"I love SGC Foodservice because of their outstanding customer service and their excellent quality food products! I have always gotten excellent service with any questions or concerns I’ve had. My rep always works to find a product I’m looking for that’s not yet listed on my order guide. All around an excellent company!" - Valued SGC Customer