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SGC Foodservice Announces Distribution of Hertzog Meat Co

SGC Foodservice Announces Distribution of Hertzog Meat Co


SGC’s Mill Street Local, brings the ranch to your plate with hyper local model from Hertzog Meat Co.


SPRINGFIELD, MO —SGC Foodservice, an independent and family-operated foodservice distributor, centered in Springfield, Missouri since 1865, announces the distribution of Hertzog Meat Co. under the brand name Mill Street Local. SGC Foodservice will distribute local beef through Hertzog Meat Co.

Mill Street Local and Hertzog Meat Co. start with cattle raised on family farms across Missouri, where they produce 100% Black Angus Beef right here in the heart of the Midwest. With a hyper-local model, all livestock is locally-raised, hand-cut, and all natural.

President and CEO of SGC Foodservice, Jeff Tynes says, "We're excited to have found a great partner in Hertzog Meat for Mill Street local that shares our focus on superior quality and consistency while supporting our local ranchers and producers. We're excited to bring the product to consumers in the region and I have no doubt they will be impressed with the quality and craftsmanship from the Hertzog team." 

This fully integrated supply chain is one hundred percent local – connecting ranchers, producers, and operators to the ultimate consumer in a unique and meaningful way unmatched in large scale operations. This new distribution will allow operators to safely and efficiently source consistent, one hundred percent locally produced and processed proteins of the highest quality.

Hertzog Meat Co. Owner, Todd Hertzog says, “We put quality at the forefront of everything we do. It’s nice to be able to partner with a company like SGC who also shares those same values. The dynamic of both our companies being locally owned plays a huge part in controlling the consistency and quality of our product”

The hyper local experience with Mill Street Local and Hertzog Meat Co. is a unique opportunity to support local family farms and ranches while experiencing superior quality. When you support Mill Street Local and Hertzog Meat Co. you are getting more than high-quality Angus Beef, you’re supporting the livelihood of local farmers and ranchers throughout Missouri.


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