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David Harrison

David Harrison

David joined the Fellers Design Team 5 years ago and is a talented artist and CAD operator. David’s main responsibility at Fellers is taking design concept sketches and developing them into detailed food service equipment drawings. The drawing packages the design team generates are critical to the building design process. Once drawings are completed, they are shared with the project architect and engineers to make sure the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical requirements for the food service areas are properly accounted for. Their scope of work is just a piece of the overall building puzzle, but probably one of the most elaborate parts of the project considering everything that is required to operate a commercial kitchen. David helps keep this process running smoothly and brings great ideas to the table. 

There is a lot that most people do not know when it comes to design. “I am able to generate 3D sketches and help the client be able to see what they cannot see on the drawings." Many of us do not see an object in an artistic way, so we are extremely glad we have talented people like David! He is proud that he inspired a client from a 3D sketch he created, explaining that it allowed the client to fully envision their restaurant space. He saw how excited the wife and husband were about the work he created. David told us that he would be excited to have more on-site experience to fully watch his work come to life. He would also like to complete his goal to receive his CFSP certification and start meeting with clients. In the future, he would like to attend the Nafem Show, and continue attending manufacture tours and SEFA Conference. 

David got married last year and has been enjoying life being a husband and a father to three children he gained. He is proud to call them his biggest supporters. In addition to the credit he gives his family, he also shared I would not be where I am today if it were not for the patience, endurance, and willingness of the Design Department (Brian Levy, Bryan Kendall, and Rafael Rodrguez), Rick Spencer, Christian Peterson, and Mike Fiddyment to train me in this field. And for that I want to say thank you to all of them. I cannot express how much I appreciate all of them. I know I have given them some headaches at times.” David, we have a feeling your team is as grateful for you as you are for them.  


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