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Restaurant Trends 2019

Restaurant Trends 2019

Restaurant and Food Trends of 2019

What’s in, What’s Out, and What it Means in the Ozarks

There are things you can count on. Every year, sources like National Restaurant News and Whole Foods predict the menu items and trends that will drive the foodservice industry. It’s up to operators and diners, though, whether the predictions translate to the plate. Take a look at the 2019 trends and figure out if the trends can translate to your operation. A national refresh with a local flair; that’s a prediction that always makes sense.  

  • Artisanal donuts are expected to be the dessert of the year. Donuts with savory flavors, exotic fillings, and international flavors are expected to give the ol’ standard crullers and long johns a modern update.
  • Vegan meats are predicted to pop up more on menus. As meat alternative products become more prevalent, restaurant owners will begin using them to satisfy healthy diners.
  • Forget the bacon and eggs. Breakfast is going global. Consider capitalizing on the trend of globally-inspired breakfast by adding a ramen dish, Greek yogurt parfait, or Israeli grain to your morning menu.
  • Affirming the movement of foodservice operators as world changers, waste reduction and sustainability are expected to be important this year. Join the efforts by eliminating plastic straws or setting goals in the kitchen to reduce food waste.
  • New beverage offerings could be one way to boost ticket sales. National predictors call for carbonated coffee, nitro coffee, exotic teas, and alcoholic kombucha to become popular.
  • Carbs are no longer something to avoid. National Restaurant Review predicts diners will embrace them again, especially in the form of artisan bread and heritage grains.
  • Could your operation experiment with different restaurant segment styles? Whether it’s counter service by day and full service at night or sharing the space with another owner and running one restaurant by day and another by night, “flex casual” is expected to be the latest restaurant segment offering.
  • It’s more than the food in 2019. Magicians, fortune tellers, and games could be the answer as businesses look to bring guests in and keep them at the table longer. Efforts as simple as adding a basket of games to the hostess stand could attract family diners. Or consider trying a standard entertainment feature each week—Music Mondays or Try-Something-New Thursdays. 
  • The format is changing too. NRN expects that plate ware and glassware with intrigue will be the next big thing in restaurants. From cocktails served in milk cartoons to appetizers served on a bed of rocks, whatever seems unexpected might just be the thing to trigger unexpected delight among diners.