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SGC Exclusives

We know the importance of giving customers what they want. We provide over 12,000 nationally branded products as well as the highest quality, freshest produce and premium center of the plate items your operation deserves. No matter your culinary need, we’ve got you covered. In addition to preferred national brands, we offer unique access to companies like Fellers Food Service Equipment, Ronnoco Coffee Company, Mill Street Butchers & Provisioners, and Swisher Chemicals to support your continued success.

The Brands You Love


We offer a full complement of private brands to meet your standards. From fruits and vegetables to shortenings and oils to non-foods, these brands provide the foundation you need to create your signature dishes.  Our UniPro brands are continually monitored by our Quality Assurance specialists to ensure your high quality standards are met. Our supplier partners use the most sustainable methods to source and manufacture the brands you trust.  UniPro brands are the perfect complement to your most trusted recipes.