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The One-Stop-Shop for All Things Culinary

The One-Stop-Shop for All Things Culinary

If you’re a food enthusiast, chef, restaurant operator, or just a regular individual who cooks in the kitchen, then this information is for you. Often it can be frustrating going from one store to another just to get all the items you are needing for your restaurant or home. Restaurant Marketplace was made to be a one-stop-shop when it came to all of your cooking needs. When shopping for culinary supplies, products, and inspiration, it can all be found at this one place! Unlike most wholesalers, Restaurant Marketplace is open to the public and does not require a membership. That’s right! You can shop in bulk without the hassle of obtaining a membership!


An SGC Partner

Restaurant Marketplace is an SGC Foodservice Partner, but you do not need to be a customer to be able to buy from Restaurant Marketplace. With the diverse selection of products from SGC Foodservice and Feller’s Equipment & Supplies, it is the ideal place to shop. The products at Restaurant Marketplace are all chef approved. Meaning, the items are meant to be long lasting rather than needing to be replaced often. There are a lot of products that get the job done a few times but cannot hold the ware and tare of constant use. No one wants to constantly be replacing kitchen supplies especially. SGC customers can get Restaurant Marketplace’s items when completing orders and may not have known the two works together to supply for clients.

The One-Stop-Shop for All Things Culinary2


Equipment Showroom

What a lot of people do not know is that Fellers, established in 1945, is connected to Restaurant Marketplace. The Equipment Showroom is what separates the two entities and allows guests to check out the different equipment pieces that can be offered in their establishment. The products in the showroom range from fryers to refrigerators and there are many different sizes and brands. So, if you are a restaurant operator looking to rebuild your kitchen, you could get your designs drafted and installed by Fellers and shop your appliances along with other equipment that all is in Restaurant Marketplace. See how easy that is?  The theme is having everything in one place for a buyer to obtain their purchase without making multiple trips to other locations.

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The Products

Products that are not in the showroom include, but are not limited to, utensils, one-time use plates & cups, cleaning supplies, uniforms, and so much more. It is so easy to come in and make big bulk orders or simply create a small order for a quick trip. This store is designed to make things easier on food lovers, so it is worth a stop in and to see what all is possible to buy. If you think that someone you know would love this store and you want to gift them a store gift card, they have that option as well! Restaurant Marketplace is the perfect place to get a gift for someone special as there is something for everyone. Speaking of gifts, with Father’s Day coming up next month, there is the best selection to choose from. There are many grilling categorized products as well as spices and seasonings that pair perfectly with a good grill moment. You can purchase Spiceology spices and seasonings which include mini sizes as well as regular spice sizes, depending on the need of the customer. Restaurant Marketplace even carries a signature line of referred to as Grill Dads. How perfect! The well-known, Monin syrups are also available for purchase to enhance the flavor of your drinks. With summer almost here, it is a great time to stock up on great flavors to impress your guests with your summer drinks.


The Food

Not only does Restaurant Marketplace have equipment and culinary supplies, but they also sell FOOD! There are freezers full of different food items when you first walk in as well as some dry good items. The foods range from Mill Street meats to canned food items. SOON, there will be more food being added to their collection, like more refrigerator goods, so be on the lookout for that!


This is truly a foodie’s playground with all the exciting items in this store. Restaurant Marketplace is located at 2140 W Grand St, Springfield, MO! Head over to the store now!


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