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3 Ways Restaurants Can Score Big During March Madness

3 Ways Restaurants Can Score Big During March Madness

March Madness is an exciting time for college basketball fans, but it's also a great opportunity for restaurants to score big. With millions of people tuning in to watch the games, restaurants have the chance to capitalize on the excitement and draw in customers with special promotions and deals. Here are three ways restaurants could score big during March Madness:


1.  Offer game day specials

One of the easiest ways to draw in customers during March Madness is by offering game day specials. This could be anything from discounted appetizers to free drinks with a meal purchase. Restaurants could also create special menu items inspired by the teams playing in the tournament. Why settle for ordinary when you can serve up extraordinary dishes inspired by the spirit of the game? From "Slam Dunk Nachos" to "Three-Point Pizza" and "Buzzer Beater Burgers," let your creativity shine. Offering combo deals or discounts on these special items will entice customers to indulge while they catch the games. By offering these specials, restaurants can encourage fans to come in and watch the games while enjoying some great food and drinks.


2.  Host watch parties

Restaurants could also host watch parties for the games. By creating a fun atmosphere with big screens, great food, and plenty of drinks, restaurants can draw in fans who want to watch the games with a group. They could also offer exclusive deals and promotions for those who attend the watch parties, such as discounts on food or drinks.


3.  Create social media buzz

Restaurants could also create social media buzz around March Madness by posting about the games and offering special promotions. By using hashtags and creating engaging content, restaurants can draw in fans who are following the tournament online. They could also run contests or giveaways for those who share their posts or check in at the restaurant during the games. Whether it's a happy hour with discounted drinks, buy-one-get-one deals on appetizers, or halftime specials, give basketball fans another reason to choose your restaurant as their game-watching destination.


March Madness is more than just a basketball tournament—it's an opportunity for restaurants to score big with increased sales and customer engagement. By offering game day specials, hosting watch parties, and creating social media buzz, restaurants can make the most of the tournament and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for fans. So, gear up, get creative, and get ready to make this March Madness one to remember for your restaurant!