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Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Avocado Cream and Yuzu Vinaigrette

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Avocado Cream and Yuzu Vinaigrette

A meal that is lightweight and fresh doesn’t exi… Except it does. This tuna dish with the added avocado cream, will satisfy your taste buds and your guests. The way the Ahi Tuna, yuzu juice, and avocado crema pair together create the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Simply delicious and easy to make!


Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Avocado Cream and Yuzu Vinaigrette 



               1ea 6oz Block of Ahi Tuna – SGC# 213513

               Kosher Salt – SGC# 052100

               Black Pepper – SGC# 169540

               2 tsp white & black sesame seeds – SGC#191157

               Olive oil – SGC# 053059

               Sesame Oil for finishing – SGC# 674306

Yuzu Vinaigrette

               2 tbsp yuzu juice – SGC# 636555

               ½ onion, finely diced – SGC# 191966

               4tbsp olive oil – SGC# 053059

               1tbsp soy sauce – SGC# 087811

               I tsp sesame oil – SGC# 674306

               1 tsp rice vinegar  – SGC# 124936

               ¼ tsp Restaurant Marketplace ginger powder – SGC# 191515

               Kosher salt and pepper to taste – SGC# 052100 & 169540


1.              In a small bowl, combine the yuzu juice and the onion. Season with salt and set aside for 5 minutes.

2.              Add the olive oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and ginger to the yuzu-shallot mixture, and whisk until emulsified. Season to taste


Avocado Crema

               2 large avocados ripe – SGC# 192605

               1 cup sour cream – SGC# 193046

               ½ tsp. Restaurant Marketplace garlic powder – SGC# 170403

               3 Tbsp. lime juice from 1 large lime – SGC# 192625

               ½ tsp.  kosher salt – SGC# 052100

               ⅛ tsp. black pepper – SGC# 169540


1.              Place all of the ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth


Cooking instructions for Tuna

1.              Place tuna steaks on plate

2.              Pat dry with paper towel

3.              Sprinkle each side with salt and pepper and sesame seeds per side

4.              Bring pan to medium high heat and add oil

5.              When oil just starts to smoke, place tuna steaks in skillet

6.              Cook tuna 30-45 seconds per side

7.              Remove and let tuna rest for about 4 minutes

8.              Slice the tuna against the grain 


To Plate:

Put a smear of avocado crema on the bottom of the plate. Place the sliced tuna on top the of the avocado cream and drizzle the yuzu sauce over the top.