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The Spicy Chicken Wars

The Spicy Chicken Wars


It's the age-old question, "Which came first, the chicken sandwich or the spicy chicken sandwich?" It seems every day another company is joining the fried chicken sandwich train, and 2021 has been no exception. 

Booming Demand

The demand for chicken sandwiches has grown by 420% in the last two years, with a large portion of that demand leaning to spicy chicken sandwiches. In the last year and a half, at least twenty new chains have entered the competition. You might be wondering if the market is too saturated with chicken sandwiches for this to be a viable business endeavor. The answer lies in the string of chains that can't keep up with the demand. With many restaurants selling out within the day, there's plenty of market share to go around. 

Move over burger

Chicken sandwiches have become a flagship item on many menus, moving the burger from front and center to the side. This new venture allows many establishments to rebrand and reprice their sandwiches. After all, chicken sandwiches are prepared differently than burgers and can be set at a new price point. This unique price point has given many establishments the power to add value to new items. For customers who have been eating burgers for a long time, the chicken "alternative" comes as a breath of fresh air. This isn't to say burgers have gone away but for now, the focus is chicken, and it seems to be here to stay. 

Bring something new

Consumer demand for spice is on the rise, and chicken has been no exception to this. The winning formula today seems to be crispy chicken + fluffy bun + creamy spicy sauce. However, the door has been left open for new innovations. Bringing forward a chicken sandwich that is differentiating itself from the competition is important during an all-out war for the top spot. Consider spicing up the chicken sandwich with sauces of new origin. Look at strong Asian, Mexican, and African spices to add a different spicy twist on the chicken sandwich. 

With the global chicken market surpassing the global burger market, for the time being, chicken is where you need to be!