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Cater to the Super Bowl Watcher

Cater to the Super Bowl Watcher

The Super Bowl is such a huge event that even small businesses get a slice of the profits! This Sunday is the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to drive sales and traffic.  

Grab and Go 

Even if you think your restaurant will not be seeing many guests due to the pandemic, you can still capitalize on the big game! Offer delivery or take-out services for your guests that would like to celebrate from the comfort of their homes. Offering take-out with pre-ordering convenience can save your staff time and prep and cut wait times down for your guests. You may also consider offering meal kits/take and bake dishes for your guests as another option for dining with you from home. 


Promotions are a fantastic way to reel in your fanbase with one-time deals. This Sunday is as much about food as the game. This is the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to offer low-cost, high-margin items that are not on your regular menu. Advertise your Super Bowl specials with signs, flyers, table cards, etc. It is also essential to go social with your promotions. Advertising upcoming deals on your social media accounts is a terrific way to get the word out to your customers. Create a hashtag and engage in posts to let your guests know you are looking forward to hosting them! 

Getting in the Spirit 

Join the fans and get in the spirit! Having some themed, unique menu items can also drive sales. You may consider offering special cocktails with team colors. Another great way to celebrate is by putting up some decorations for the event. Getting creative with menus and decorations will increase the crowd. 

Recipes to consider 

Hoisin BBQ Chicken Wings